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Bring your sales to a higher level


Our clients have proven that they sell quicker and more in our trailers than traditional merchandise stands.


Billboard, office and warehouse, the trailers are just more than a shop. No waiting for restock crew arrives.


Save time at setup, your shop will be up and running in minutes after arriving. Close the door and we will drive to the next venue.

Our story

Why our trailers are perfect

Our trailers are unique in the world because we designed them from scratch. During the years we have developed our equipment to be quicker and better each year.

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Curious about other clients experiences? Here’s what they say:

Since 2015, Max Verstappen joined F1 we got all what we of MerchTrailer to serve our fan’s at GrandPrix in Europe. Even when the trailer got to small, they had the trust and guts to expand their fleet with new trailers. It is nice to have short lines with MerchTrailerto communicate, before each GrandPrix we are able to pre-load multiple trailers at our warehouse. Because they worked it really well out, the trailer is ready within minutes.

Roger Hermans

Max Verstappen fan-store

We/Bravado are working now since more than 5 years with MerchTrailer at our biggest events and it is always a pleasure to see how they attract people in the right direction because of the eye-catching look.
It is also very easy and safe working for our staff inside the trailers – much more comfortable than working in tents or other kinds of selling spots. And communicating with MT is very easy as well as they always support seriously dependable trailers.

Peter Rottinger


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